Yuppie wrote:
Yes. getIcon() is the cause of the problem I see:

To access the ZMI I use this Apache rule:
ProxyPass /zope27 http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/http/example.org:80/VirtualHostRoot/_vh_zope27

getIcon() for a folder in myCMFSite returns 'zope27/myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif'
(was 'myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif' in Zope 2.6)

OFS/dtml/main.dtml adds BASEPATH1, so the URL is '/zope27/zope27/myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif'
(would be '/zope27/myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif' in Zope 2.6)

Based on this, and on a lot of back-burner pondering, I'm now thinking that the proper fix for this is the one you suggest. It makes sense for the relative version of the absolute path to omit BASE1, the URL of the virtual root, returning the semantics of absolute_path(1) to "path relative to the virtual root". Use cases that need a hostname-relative URL can use BASEPATH1 + absolute_url(1).


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