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Evan Simpson wrote:
Gotcha. Grepping Zope's source and the Products I had to hand showed only one use of absolute_url(1), in Draft.py, so I hoped that making the implementation sane wouldn't affect too much.

Looking at the 1.4 branch of CMF, I see it in three places:

1. DiscussionTool.py uses it when looking up replies. This looks like a non-issue for new or properly converted discussions in 1.4.

2. SkinsTool.py uses it to construct skin cookies.

3. Any caller of URLTool that passes 'relative=1' to it. I can only find one of these, namely getIcon() in DynamicType.py.

Is #3 likely to be the cause of the problem you're seeing? Can you be more specific about the circumstances of the problem?

Yes. getIcon() is the cause of the problem I see:

To access the ZMI I use this Apache rule:
ProxyPass /zope27 http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/http/example.org:80/VirtualHostRoot/_vh_zope27

getIcon() for a folder in myCMFSite returns 'zope27/myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif'
(was 'myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif' in Zope 2.6)

OFS/dtml/main.dtml adds BASEPATH1, so the URL is '/zope27/zope27/myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif'
(would be '/zope27/myCMFSite/folder_icon.gif' in Zope 2.6)

Zope doesn't know anything about the name 'zope27' and returns 'Resource not found'.

The icon URLs are also broken inside the CMF interface, so we would need a CMF 1.4.3 release to get this working with Zope 2.7.

Grepping the products on my disk I found some files using absolute_url(1), especially in CMFDeployment. I have no idea if your change fixes or breaks these products.

Please let me know if you need further information.


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