>> Jim asked about it on zope-dev, and got no response; see:
>>     "Can we forsake database backward compatability on the head for
>>      a while?"
>>     http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-dev/2003-November/021055.html

[Sidnei da Silva]
> Is there any special trick to such script? Provided some pointers of
> what the script should do, I wouldn't mind writing and testing it.

I'm not sure Jim had a script in mind.  For example, he may have wanted to
convert "old" data structures to "new" ones magically when they're unpickled
(and then when they're written again, the new data structure would get
written out, so that the next load wouldn't suffer conversion expense
again).  I don't know, but Jim's

    Somehow, Zope 2.8 will convert these automatically

reads as if he doesn't want to force people to "run a script" to do explicit
database conversion.  I have to expect that writing a script would be the
most straightforward approach at this time, though.

While I've maintained ZODB's "new" BTrees for the last couple years, I've
never looked at "the old" BTree code, so I'm not even sure what the possible
complications are.  I *suspect* a script to convert old BTree instances to
new ones would be straightforward, but don't know enough about the old ones
to be sure, and am booked solid on different projects now.

Anyone?  Since Sidnei's efforts to use the head are exposing problems, it
would be great if we could keep him obsessed <wink> with it a bit longer.

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