| Then it may not be necessary to extract the items -- a constructor for a
| BTrees-style BTree object:
| /**
|  ** Accepts a sequence of 2-tuples, or any object with an items()
|  ** method that returns an iterable object producing 2-tuples.
|  */

Neat! I'm glad I didn't started on it as Leonardo suggested ;)

| IOW, the constructor should invoke .items() for you -- just pass it the
| old-style BTree.  Of course this has to be done under a version of ZODB that
| still *has* old-style BTree support!

Do'h, that's a bit difficult since Jim removed them for good :( 

Now, back to the automagically-converting idea, would it be possible
to provide an alias for the old BTree package that would feed the old
pickle into a new BTrees constructor on unpickling *wink*?

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