I think the problem is same as reported by Kazuya Fukamachi
and me.

At least this is important problem in Japanese (maybe Korea and Chinese) 

>Hi there,
>Some changes in Zope 2.7 break the possibility to make management_page_charset
>a callable (for instance a method). 
>This breaks Formulator, as it uses this facility. This works just fine
>in Zope 2.6, but breaks in Zope 2.7.
>The silly thing is that Formulator 2.6.0 breaks in Zope 2.7 exactly because
>it actually is the release that tries to do unicode *right* (while still
>retaining backwards compatibility with older installations and offering
>a non-unicode mode), and then Zope 2.7 makes it impossible.
>I heard a report that a similar problem may be occuring with ZWiki..
>The problem is in lib/python/App/dtml/manage_page_header.dtml:
><dtml-unless management_page_charset>
><dtml-call "REQUEST.set('management_page_charset','iso-8859-1')">
><meta http-equiv="content-type" 
>If I remember my DTML well, &dtml-management_page_charset; should still call
>the method if it's a callable, so that would be all right. 
>The next line however breaks, as it's going to treat my method as an attribute.
>I think backwards compatibility got broken unintentionally here.. Could
>this be restored? Using a ComputedAttribute for this would be rather
>involved and it's possible other products are broken as well as a 

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