Dieter Maurer wrote:
Brian Lloyd wrote at 2004-1-22 10:11 -0500:

I did check with a fresh 2.6 xx
A DCWorkflow script that was not not called with the version from a few hours ago is now called but produces the following traceback

This happens when the container binding is set to "container" and also when it is cleared.


- <PythonScript at /zehnder/zehnder/portal_workflow/ZWorkflow/scripts/setTaskOwner>
- Line 1
AttributeError: StateChangeInfo instance has no attribute 'getPhysicalRoot'

This problem has nothing to do with the recent security enhancements:

     "StateChangeInfo" does not have a "getPhysicalRoot" attribute.
     It never had and it should not have...

Check your "setTaskOwner" script.
Almost surely, you do not want to call "getPhysicalRoot" on the
"state_change" but on the affected object.

I'm afraid this code does have to do with the new security: the code which is failing is actually inside ZopeSecurityPolicy.validate::

    if proxy_roles:
        # Verify that the owner actually can state the proxy role
        # in the context of the accessed item; users in subfolders
        # should not be able to use proxy roles to access items
        # above their subfolder!
        owner = eo.getOwner()
        # Sigh; the default userfolder doesn't return users wrapped
        if owner and not hasattr(owner, 'aq_parent'):

The script being called is invoked during a workflow transition, which calls the script, passing a StateChangeInfo instance; the new code tries to validate access to the SCI and pukes, badly, because the script has proxy roles, but the 'container' isn't wrapped. I *think* that we are seeing this issue because the new security code is tougher about checking access within the script.

I tried to work around the issue by adding a 'getPhysicalRoot' method to SCI, merely delegating to the underlying object; however, the script in my app then blows up on access to 'object' (which I may be able to fix as well).

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