Santi Camps wrote:
Let me make a suggestion: In next releases, leave SQLMultiTableProperties option as default. That's what all Zope newbies are looking for, I think. I meet a lot of developers that like Zope, but they are disturbed if data aren't in a relational database, but also if data aren't in a relational way (just what SQLMultiTableProperties does). It could seems a silliness, but it's real, and stops a lot of people to use Zope. I think Ape will help a lot to expand Zope. I will begin to intesively use Ape with SQLMultiTableProperties option over Postgresql. Of course, I will report eventual bugs in the collector.

Ok, I think you may be right. However, SQLMultiTableProperties still needs some work. The table names that it chooses can potentially overlap or run over the limit that some databases place on table names. To fix this, it needs to manage the table names in a small table. I don't think it will be hard to do.


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