Oooooh, a very good idea indeed! We'll have to look at that eventually.

The mechanism you describe is preferable, but it should be noted that
subversion properties are easily accessible using the clients.

So long as said properties are human readable/writable, that's also an

The main issue for me (And many others I suppose), is the fact that every
single object type I use is either completely custom, or a monkey patched
version of a built-in type (Notably OFS.Image for instance).

So there would have to be a reliable serializer for "other" objects, which I
beleive you already have, so that's OK :)

What happens is you write a new serializer, notably write a custom
serializer for an object type you've already been using for a while, using
the "default" one ? (Presumably because you WANT to be able to access the
contents from other tools)

I think I noticed that somewhere in the .properties file there was a note of
the class used for serializing ... Is there a way for a serialized instance
to remember which serializer was used ? Or does everything break when I
change the definition of a serializer (Old instances can no longer be read)


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> Fact is if one wanted a client to interact with a svn repository that
> zope objects, it would need to be fairly specifically designed for it
> How would a client (Say dreamweaver with a subversion plug-in) know
> when editing an image, the x and y size properties need to be updated
? What
> if someone monkey patches the image type to add some other
> property/attribute ?

I would say Ape is quite good at accepting data from non-Zope-aware
and I'd like to make it better.  The fact that Ape stores the image
dimensions separately from the image content is an implementation
in the serializer.  You could instead tell the serializer to detect
dimensions when loading the object.  The detection is a relatively
inexpensive operation.


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