Fred Drake wrote:
zLOG is dead

The zLOG package used for logging throughout ZODB, ZEO, and Zope 2 has
been declared obsolete.  All logging for Zope products will use the
logging package from Python's standard library.

The zLOG package still exists in Zope 2 and the separate package for
ZODB, but it is now an API shim (or "fašade") over the logging
package.  It is expected to wither away to nothing at some point.

I have several questions regarding to the changes:

* Do I need to take care that the messages are logged into the event log and on the console or can I safly use the logging package like::

  from logging import getLogger
  LOG = getLogger('MyLogger')

zLOG has logged the messages to the console when zope was started with runzope and the entries were logged to the event.log, too.

* Does Zope 2.7.0 has the new logging facility?

* If no: Will Zope 2.7.1 have the new logging facility or do I need to wait for Zope 2.8?


I'm chatting with Andreas Jung right now. He is telling me that the logs don't get printed to the console and that the log level is missing in the event.log


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