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> Keep the product name as it is...means Products/XXXX should use
> Zope.XXXX as logger name. No need to introduce a new mapping. Keep it
> simple.

Yeah, but is it reasonable to think that people who write new products will
do this? A rule that most people will break is a bad rule... That people
working on Zope itself can be well versed enough to use Zope.XXXX for things
in teh Zope repository seems reasonable. But will people working on Plone
really use "Zope.CMFQuickInstaller"? Rather they will probably say just
"CMFQuickInstaller", "CMF.QuickInstaller" och "Plone.QuickInstaller" or

As with all management, people will do what seems natural to them, unless it
doesn't work.
There is no incentive to stick a "Zope." at the front, so I don't think
people will.

Besides, there is a benefit in not doing it, because then you can see what
is a part of Zope and what is add-ons.

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