Hi Chris,

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Chris McDonough wrote:

> > I am using new Transience.py, and my temp_folder is on Sessions.fs ZODB 
> > now. I have one problem with it - it does not seems that this way it 
> > deletes old expired Sessions. The number of objects grow and grow, and 
> > today we reached limit.
> You reached a disk space limit?  Or a number of session objects limit?

We have more then 10gb of free disk space. No, I reached the session 
objects limit. It was set as 10000, now I set it as 50000, and the counter
is going higher every day.

> >  I think I have to delete Sessions.fs every night 
> > and restart Zope. Is it expected expected behavior when using file 
> > storage? I was thinking that only problem of this kind of storage is the 
> > need to pack the database sometimes.
> That was the intent.  You did pack and it didn't reduce the file size?

Yes, I packed it, size reduced, but the number of session objects still
the same. And keep growing.

Today morning stats (nobody works now, people still slepping at England):

 12567 items are in this transient object container.

 Data object timeout value in minutes: 20

 Maximum number of subobjects: 50000

Yesterday there was only 10000 session objects. Now, I am packing ZODB:

--- before pack ---
 Database Location: /home/zope/current2/var/Sessions.fs 
 Database Size: 6.2M 
 Transient Object Container at  /temp_folder/session_data
 12568 items are in this transient object container.
--- after pack ----
 Database Location: /home/zope/current2/var/Sessions.fs 
 Database Size: 59.8K 
 Transient Object Container at  /temp_folder/session_data
 12570 items are in this transient object container.

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