Fred Drake wrote at 2004-4-22 17:15 -0400:
>I wrote:
> > - In debug mode, add a new handler that dumps to standard output.  This
> > is fairly easy to code, but is inflexible.
>Andreas responded:
> > But flexible enough for most usecase. The point is that you want to see
> > the tracebacks on the console during the development phase. Watching the
> > event.log with tail -f is somewhat annoying.
>Understood!  I've committed changes that that I think should do the trick for 
>- In debug mode, a log handler is added to the root logger that writes events
>  to standard error.  This is no longer conflated with the "startup" logging.

Hopefully, you do this not automatically?

While one *sometimes* wants messages on the console, *often* one does

This means, it should be a configuration option.

>- When running Zope using "zopectl fg" (the best way to run things for
>  debugging), zopectl will force debug mode to be enabled.

I do not think this coupling is good.
You might have problems in production mode that you do not
have in development mode.

> > > - In debug mode, use an alternate or auxillary logging configuration to
> > >   replace or augment the <eventlog> configuration section.  This is more
> > > work   up front, but keeps everything flexible.

I like this much more...


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