I'm working on the cvs to subversion conversion for the ZODB, Zope 2, and Zope 3 projects. I'm currently doing the conversion of the full history with tags and branches. This is taking a long time and creating a huge repository, which is OK, but, do we really need that much history?

I see 3 options:

1. Convert the full history with branches. This will create
   a rather large and complex repository.

2. Convert the mainline history, but leave off the branches.

3. Start with a clean slate and simply import the current head.

Note that, for Zope 2 and ZODB, current maintenance branches will
remain in CVS.

I think that option 2 provides a nice compromise.  The main disadvantage
of it is that it will leave current development branches high and dry.
I'm not sure how big an issue this is.  In theory, these could be committed
to the subversion heav via patch files.



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