Barry Warsaw wrote:
On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 15:23, Jim Fulton wrote:

2. Convert the mainline history, but leave off the branches.

Would this mean we'd lose the log messages too?  If so -1 because often
merge messages aren't very helpful. "merged foo-bar-branch to head"
would suck if you couldn't at least see the log messages on that branch.

Otherwise, -0. Disk is cheap but history priceless.

You aren't counting the cost of clutter. Option 3 says "history prior to the CVS -> SVN migration remains in CVS". We are committed to leaving the existing CVS repository in place *forever* (or until the 2.7 branch dies, whichever comes first ;).

-1 on merging *any* history prior to the creation of the 2.7 branch to SVN; -0 on merging the mainline since then.

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