Jim Fulton wrote:
I've posted two proposals:


Proposes a mechanism for easily using adapters in TALES expressions.


proposes a mechanism for qualifying names defined in TAL and used in
TALES expressions.

Based on initial comments, I've retracted ZPTVariableNamespaces and updated:


I've thrown out a few more spellings for adapter use:

  ob->adaptername      context->dc/title

  ob~adaptername       context~dc/title

  ob[adaptername]      context[dc]/title

Of course, Steve suggested:

  ob:adaptername       context:dc/title

So far the cast syntax seems to be the most popular:

  (adaptername)ob      (dc)context/title

with one dissension. :)

One disadvantage I see with the cast notation is that it's
a bit jarring in:


as the adapter is applied to a/b/c. The order just doesn't
seem quite right.

I'd love to get more feedback or suggestions for the syntax.

As far as in-template definition, I'd like to borrow from Evan's
work and allow 'adapter' to be used like 'local' or 'global' in

  tal:define="adapter dc modules/zope.app.dublincore/IZopeDublinCore"



P.S. Thanks for all the comments so far. :)

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