Jim Fulton wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:

So what does this mean for Five on Windows?

It means that you should tell people to put zope in
a different directory than Zope.  Both of these directories need
to be on the Python path.

Hm, that's not a big deal then. I'm just at a loss how this would fix the case-insensitivity import problem on Windows; I think I'm missing something.

Alternatively, we can continue as planned to include zope.interface
in 2.8, in which case we'll need to implement option 4 of the
above proposal.

Why would we have to include zope.interface in Zope 2.8? Do we want to *use* it in the Zope 2.8 code? If not, then as easy to just install it (and other pieces of Zope 3) separately.

I'll note that 2.8 has some huge potential benefits:


- Cyclic GC of zope objects

that make it increasingly desireable yo get it out as soon
as we can.

I realize Zope 2.8 has benefits, but I have quite a bit on my plate anyway. I'll help test option 4, but I can't really commit to implementing it.



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