Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

Martijn Faassen wrote:

So what does this mean for Five on Windows?

It means that you should tell people to put zope in a different directory than Zope. Both of these directories need to be on the Python path.

Hm, that's not a big deal then. I'm just at a loss how this would fix the case-insensitivity import problem on Windows; I think I'm missing something.

Yes, you are. Python has no trouble importing two packages with names differing only by case on windows. Windows won't actually let you put them in the same directory.

Alternatively, we can continue as planned to include zope.interface
in 2.8, in which case we'll need to implement option 4 of the
above proposal.

Why would we have to include zope.interface in Zope 2.8? Do we want to *use* it in the Zope 2.8 code? If not, then as easy to just install it (and other pieces of Zope 3) separately.

I explained that in my previous message.

I'll note that 2.8 has some huge potential benefits:


- Cyclic GC of zope objects

that make it increasingly desireable yo get it out as soon
as we can.

I realize Zope 2.8 has benefits, but I have quite a bit on my plate anyway. I'll help test option 4, but I can't really commit to implementing it.

So I suggest we put this off until 2.9.


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