On Friday 13 August 2004 06:14, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> On Thursday 12 August 2004 04:51 am, Paolo Bizzarri wrote:
> > A problem we encountered is that APE leaves the final db transaction
> > neither commited nor aborted, in the normal behaviour.
> This shouldn't happen, of course, and I haven't seen any behavior like
> this. What database are you using?

The database is postgres 7.3.2, the adapter is psycopg 1.1.15

> Ape tries very hard to either commit or roll back every transaction.  It
> integrates with the ZODB transaction machinery, and the ZODB transaction
> machinery is reliable.  The relevant code is near the bottom of
> lib/apelib/sql/dbapi.py, in the abort() and finish() methods.
> Shane

I've tried to add a couple of prints in the begin, abort and finish methods.

What I see is quite interesting.

I've started with the default /sql mount point. I click on the mount point 

1) I can see a transaction going on the sql log, but no ABORT or COMMIT;
2) ps axf | grep idle revelase and "idle in transaction"
3) there is *NO* begin/abort or begin/finish in the standard output

Now, let's  add an object (a File).

1) I can see a transaction *NOT* beginning, going on the sql log, with a 
2) I can see a begin/finish in my log;

The environment is as follows:
1) postgresql 7.3.2
2) zope 2.7.1
3) psycopg 1.1.15

Any help would be appreciated.


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