> b): I can either create branches for WinBuilders responding
> to the Zope
>     Versions. Or (what I like better) I can put the WinBuilders
>     somewhere in the Zope 2 tree to allow versioning along a branch
>     automatically so continuous tests know where to get the
>     WinBuilders from.

+1 from me on merging WinBuilders into Zope.  It took me quite some time to
locate it first I looked, and having it external reinforces the 2nd-class
status of Windows.

> d) I have no idea about zopectl on windows. Is there some knowledge
>    around on this?

I recall a message from Tim saying it has never worked and probably never
will.  IIUC correctly, its functionality isn't as desired on Windows due to
the service support.  Enfold has a simple log rotation strategy I have
detailed in a previous mail to this list, and we will contribute code

I have on my todo list for the next week (or 2) to steer through my service
changes on both the 2.7 and 2.8 brances as discussed here recently.  If that
goes well, the Zope3 trunk will get a look-in too :)

Printing-the-contrib-form-now ly,


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