Christian Theune wrote:
Florent Guillaume:
I really could use a post publishing hook.
Standard use case: delay indexing at the end of the request to only do it once per object even if the object has been modified 4 times.
Are your talking about a short thing for 2.7?

Yes we need it for CPS which currently works with 2.7 (no customer is ready to move to 2.8 yet).

In 2.8 I wonder if the
Publisher could start using e.g. Zope 3 events. Are there events for
this around in Z3 already? This would be a good way of improving
transition to Z3 in a compatible manner, if both systems e.g. publisher
modules would spit out the same events for handling those cases.

Yes events are the way to go. For 2.7 we have our (CPS) event system, and Julien has experimented with patching's commit and abort to send appropriate events. Then the rest is just a matter of subscribing and reacting to them.

I totally agree that if 2.8 could use standardized events from Zope 3 that would be awesome.


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