Tim Peters wrote:
I did that more than once,

Did what more than once?

Updating setup.py. (Or reminding people to do it themselves if they add new files and forget to update setup.py.)

but why can't people clean up after themselves?

Which people, cleaning up what? Sorry, I'm not following this.

Contributers. setup.py.

AFAICS two things could help them:

- giving feedback by running nightly test on a not-in-place installation

That would be helpful.

- reducing the need for setup.py updates by switching to the Zope 3
setup code

I think this gets worse with Zope3 code, and especially when mixed in
with Zope2.  Zope3 still uses setup.py for testing from a checkout,
but uses zpkgtools for building a distribution:  those two subsystems
have nothing in common, and get out of synch with each other.  It
would be better if Z3's setup.py used zpkgtools too, but it doesn't
now.  In any case, nothing in Z2 (including WinBuilders) knows
anything about how to live with zpkgtools now.

For Zope 2.8, there may not be a realistic alternative to teaching
Zope 2.8's setup.py how to install the Z3 bits in Zope 2.8.  It
already does this for other pieces.  For example, ZODB 3.4 (which Zope
2.8 uses) inherited the same setup.py-vs-zpkgtools schizophrenia from
Zope3, but Zope 2.8's setup.py learned how to install ZODB 3.4
independent of that (indeed, ZODB's own setup.py has never been part
of any Zope checkout that I know of).

Seems I wasn't specific enough. I just meant setup.py, not the other setup code from Zope 3.

The Zope 2 code requires to specify each directory. The Zope 3 code walks through all subdirectories and searchs for files with the specified file extensions. That code is already part of the Zope 2 setup.py, but only used for the Zope 3 stuff. I didn't try it, but I guess it would not be too hard to use it for all the other packages as well.



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