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Martijn Faassen wrote:

> yuppie wrote:
>> I had a closer look at Zope 2.8's Five and I'm concerned about the
>> fact that Five ships with redundant interface definitions:
>> - redundant code is always a problem because it's hard to keep things
>> in sync
>> - the fact that Five is maintained in a different repository and
>> should work with different Zope versions makes it almost impossible to
>> change Zope interfaces in a consistent way
>> So my questions are:
>> 1.) Why are interfaces that are available as Zope 2 interfaces
>> duplicated in Five/interfaces.py instead of bridged?
> Partially I suspect this reason is historical -- the Zope 2 interfaces
> were created by Philipp von Weitershausen before Tres implemented the
> bridging functionality.
>> 2.) Could we move the interfaces that are currently not available as
>> Zope 2 interfaces to the corresponding packages in Zope 2.8, using
>> Five/interfaces.py just as an fallback for Zope 2.7 and old Five
>> products?

Maybe we need to spell out what the fallback would look like more clearly.

>> If people agree that this is problem, I'd volunteer to help resolving it.
> It sounds like a reasonable idea, but it does introduce complications.
> This does mean we need a separate version of Five for merging into Zope
> 2.8. Another potential problem is that some Five-based code is also
> likely to stop working as the interface will change location (I'm not
> sure what bridge does in this respect; does it create a new location for
> the bridged interface?).

The bridging code fabricates a new Z3 interface and bashes it into
whatever module the directive specifies, so we could keep the same
dotted names as the current interfaces.

> If the interfaces change location due to
> bridging, this also means Five + 2.7 code would be incompatible with
> Zope 2.8 code that makes use of Five.
> I'm a bit worried about doing it now as it will take time and testing
> effort, then again, if we are to do it, it would be better to start
> moving things around before we release Zope 2.8..

+1.  I have an intent (but no time so far) to make the equivalent change
for CMFonFive, as well.

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