yuppie wrote:
Yes. I still don't see where the need for incompatability is. Maybe I'm just blind. Can someone explain?

I no longer see a problem. If we make sure the Five interfaces and those in the Zope tree are the same, there are no incompatibilities.

By the way, I've just merged in Five 1.0 into Zope 2.8 (which was a significant amount of work, due to all kinds of copyright headers being different).

Can't we use the same headers for Five 1.0 and Zope 2.8? Both releases are ZPL 2.1, aren't they? Are there other things you did have to change?

They're both ZPL 2.1, but the copyright statement is a different one. Bare Five is Copyright (c) Five contributors, code in the Zope repository is Copyright (c) Zope Corporation and contributors.

Maybe we should just switch all of Five to the ZC header to make things easier? It wouldn't change much of legal impact, would it?

Cool. I can imagine that it was quite dificult. By the way, I think we should have yuppie's r11978 in it (which means we need it on Five-1.0 branch and a Five 1.0.1 release, probably).

Gee, I would do the merge myself my laptop wasn't broken. I'm on a Windoze machine right now on which I quickly installed Thunderbird to be at least a little communicative :).

Sorry. I didn't think Martijn would merge in Five today. Please let me know if can help to put things straight.

You just need to merge the revision to the Five-1.0 branch (using svn merge) and apply the diff (output of svn diff -r11977:11978) to the Zope repository (2.8 branch) using the Unix 'patch' program.

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