[Mark Hammond]
> WinBuilders recently had a number of changes checked in
> to support later pywin32 versions and numerous fixes. At
> around the same time WinBuilders was copied into the Zope
> 2.7 and 2.8 trees - but without these improvements.  This is
> the underlying reason behind the 2.8 binaries for Windows not
> being correct.

Not to mention the released Zope 2.7.6.

> I've created a patch that reinstates the lost changes in both
> the Zope 2.7 and 2.8 trees and attached it to
>   http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1782


> As mentioned in that collector issue:
> * inst/WinBuilders has been added to Zope 2.8 without the
> svn:eol-style=native setting.  This property must be set on that
> entire tree before attempting to apply the patch.

I did that part this morning.

> Apart from that, the patch applies to both 2.7 and 2.8
> * The old WinBuilders (at Packages/WinBuilders) should be
> removed from CVS to avoid future confusion.

I did some stuff in that direction on HEAD, but that's all.  I'm sure
the only people who ever tried to use WinBuilders are aware that 2.7
and 2.8 have grown their own versions.

> The Zope 2.8 binary appears to install and start fine, but all I
> tested was that the ZMI would open.

That's a good start, but see below.

> Another change I snuck in was to add 'SolidCompression=yes'
> to the Inno file - this reduces the final .exe by about 40%


> Unfortunately I still haven't heard anything re my contributor
>greement, so am unable to make these changes myself.

Jim (Fulton) found & processed your contrib agreement since you wrote
this, so you should be all set now.

[Andreas Jung]
> I would like to cut the 2.8 beta 2 release this weekend. So I
> hope that the windows related issues are fixed until Sunday. I
> hope anyone can fix the ZConfig issue with the default IP
> address when Zope starts up.

That wasn't the problem.  The problem was that Zope on Windows
couldn't be told to listen on a hostname _other than_ localhost.  Even
if you set ip-address in zope.conf, it seemed to be ignored on
Windows, and Zope still wound up listening (only) on localhost.

Note that this new-ish test still fails on Windows on Zope trunk:

FAIL: test_http_factory_defaulthost
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Code\Zope\lib\python\ZServer\tests\test_config.py", line
121, in test_http_factory_defaulthost
    'Zope Collector issue #1507/1728 (ignoring '
  File "C:\python23\lib\unittest.py", line 302, in failUnlessEqual
    raise self.failureException, \
AssertionError: Zope Collector issue #1507/1728 (ignoring
defaulthost): '' != ''

IIUC, repairing this requires changing ZConfig.

> For me this is not a release blocker.

If that problem remains, it would seem it make Zope 2.8 pretty much
useless on Window.  It would, however, pass Mark's test above <wink>.
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