Chris McDonough  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'd like to propose/sponsor/promise-to-finish the following for
> inclusion in 2.9.  If anyone has fears/doubts/problems with specific
> things, please let me know.  I can also start a 2.9 project on the wiki
> with this info; if other folks have features they want, maybe they can
> post them here and we can put together a release plan.
> Definitely:
> - Chris Theune's blob support for ZODB (currently on the
>   ctheune-blobsupport branch in ZODB's SVN repo)

+1 !

> - Speed up large PUTs: 


> - Implement RESPONSE.isClientConnected() to be able to tell if
>   the client that made the request is still connected (allow
>   long-running app code the possibility to abort processing
>   if it notices the client is not connected).

Nice, I can see the use for that too.

> Maybe:
> - Include ClockServer:

+10 on it, something like that has really been needed for ages.

> - ZODB "connection policies", which will allow you to associate
>   a thread pool with a particular set of ZServer servers.
>   This will allow sites which are having resource exhaustion problems
>   (e.g. running out of threads, running out of database connections) to
>   continue to be accessible via servers running on "special" ports for
>   debugging and maintenance purposes.  It should also allow site admins
>   to associate a particular thread pool with connections from spiders
>   and other cache-busters by associating particular user agents
>   or other request parameters with a thread pool.
>   Work towards this was done on the chrism-zserver-connection-policies-branch
>   branch in CVS a while back.  See

Nice too.


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