Chris McDonough wrote:
This is already done on the zodb-blobs-branch.  I would be happy to
create a mountpoint-branch that does not externally link the ZODB with
blob support, then merge the changes in to the Zope 2 HEAD (and 2.9
branch if one exists).

Ah, I had forgotten about that. It would be great to merge the mountpoint
work into the head. There isn't a 2.9 branch afaik.

November 1 feature freeze, eh?

Yup. :)

> I'd love to get blobs in before this too
but I don't know if it will be possible.

I don't think so.  Nov 1 is less than 2 weeks away.  I think
we need to be realistic.

I would definately want to review this before it got merged
into the head.  I think Tim might too.  I don't think it's
ready for my review yet.  Anyway, if you want to make this
a priority, I'm willing to make time for review as best I can.
If you want to try to finish this before Nov 1, I'll try to help
by doing timely reviews.

Note that this will be of limited usefulness without also
updating Zope file implementations (z2 and z3) to take
advantage of it, although people could build add-on
packages that used it.

If not, it would really suck.

Well, I dunno, if it's not ready, June is not that far away.
I'm confident that we could get this done by the May 1
feature freeze if this was a priority.


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