[Chris McDonough]
>> This is already done on the zodb-blobs-branch.  I would be happy to
>> create a mountpoint-branch that does not externally link the ZODB with
>> blob support, then merge the changes in to the Zope 2 HEAD (and 2.9
>> branch if one exists).

[Jim Fulton]
> Ah, I had forgotten about that. It would be great to merge the mountpoint
> work into the head. There isn't a 2.9 branch afaik.

FYI, there's a problem with that:  Zope trunk (2.9) is still using
ZODB 3.4, and multi-databases weren't introduced before ZODB 3.5.  The
_intent_ has been that 2.9 would use ZODB 3.5 or even 3.6, but that
got hung up due to problems with switching the "5 integration" part to
use zpkgtools.

I'm copying Fred because he may remember more about this than I do. 
Fred, do you know of a reason why I can't stitch a newer ZODB into
Zope(2) trunk?  I have a dim, fading memory of the last attempt
failing, and of agreeing in email to wait for the "5 guys" to "do
something" before trying again.  Sorry for not being more specific ...
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