Note that I wormed my way around the new ZODB compilation issues by
changing the file on the zodb-blobs-branch (a minor tweak of
the Zope HEAD).. here's the comment I left to myself.

# added . to EXTENSIONCLASS_INCLUDEDIRS in order to be able to compile
# ZODB HEAD code (which uses qualified paths to find header files). 
# This
# should be a temporary change, thrown away once we use zpkg to package
# Zope.

- C

On Tue, 2005-10-18 at 16:18 -0400, Fred Drake wrote:
> [It doesn't look like my response went to the zope-dev list; re-sending.]
> On Tuesday 18 October 2005 15:43, Tim Peters wrote:
>  > I'm copying Fred because he may remember more about this than I do.
>  > Fred, do you know of a reason why I can't stitch a newer ZODB into
>  > Zope(2) trunk?  I have a dim, fading memory of the last attempt
>  > failing, and of agreeing in email to wait for the "5 guys" to "do
>  > something" before trying again.  Sorry for not being more specific ...
> We need to do the zpkg/ZODB switch all at once because it affects how
> extensions get their include files.  When I tried switching the Zope 2 trunk
> before, there was a problem due to Five tests failing.  I don't remember the
> details, but the Five-folks seemed to think things would be better with newer
> versions of Five.
> Since Five development is done elsewhere, though, it's hard to tell what the
> deal is with that.  I snapshotted what I did get done as the
> zpkg-build-branch, so we can get back to it without duplicating work.
>   -Fred
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