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yuppie wrote:

> Working on the five:registerClass directive for Five 1.2 and Zope 2.9 I
> had a closer look at the product initialization code.
> I propose the following modifications for the dicts in
> Products.meta_types (set by registerClass):
> 1.) 'action' key:
> -----------------
> I'd like to give empty 'action' values a special meaning: The meta_type
> is not visible in the add drop down in the ZMI.
> The five:registerClass directive allows to set empty 'action' values.
> This would resolve http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1885 .
> Filtering out meta_types with empty 'action' values is a two line change
> in main.dtml. I'd like to make that change also on the 2.8 branch to
> enable that feature for 2.8.5 with Five 1.2.


> 2.) 'interfaces' key:
> ---------------------
> Does currently only contain oldstyle interfaces. The code in
> OFS.ObjectManager that uses that key works also with z3 interfaces. I'd
> like to add z3 interfaces to the value of that key. That would e.g.
> allow to set only new style interfaces on catalog index classes.

I'd just as soon rip old-style interfaces out by the roots.  +1 for
allowing new-style ones in 2.8.x;  -1 for continuing to support
old-style ones on the trunk (anybody clever enough to use the old ones
"back in the day" is clever enough, and should be motivated enough, to

> 3.) 'product' key:
> ------------------
> AFAICS it isn't used in Zope itself. I'd like to add a note that it
> might be removed in a future version.


> 4.) related cleanup:
> --------------------
> Application.install_product has some backwards compatibility code for
> products that have initialization code outside the 'initialize' method
> of their __init__.py. This is deprecated at least for 5 years. I'd like
> to add explicit deprecation warnings on the 2.8 branch and to remove
> that code for Zope 2.9.


> This isn't much work, it can all be done in time for the Zope 2.9 beta.
> Any feedback is welcome. If there are no objections, I'll make the
> changes as proposed.

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