[Chris McDonough]
> FWIW, I know a couple of people are depending on this, so here's an
> update.
> I am working on merging multidatabase support, but I'm having some
> merge/update troubles (if you're interested in the symptoms, see
> http://www.plope.com/Members/chrism/heres_to_cvs).  I suspect I'll
> work it out, but I've got my nose in Subversion documentation at the
> moment.

Jim redid the way Zope trunk stitches in Zope3 since you last looked
at this, and that can create some mechanical problems (of the kinds
you're seeing, in fact).  The svn docs probably won't help. 
Suggestion (which is repetition of what I suggested before this
happened, but we'll gracefully let that pass ;-)):

Check out a fresh, new copy of Zope trunk.

Merge your branch into that.

End of story.  Unless you feel you need to make another branch.  In
that case, still do the two steps above first.  Then create a new
branch from Zope trunk, "svn switch" your merged sandbox to that new
branch, then "svn checkin".

This way you shouldn't have any of the problems you've been seeing. 
If you do, double your money back ;-)
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