Chris McDonough wrote:

Jim redid the way Zope trunk stitches in Zope3 since you last looked
at this, and that can create some mechanical problems (of the kinds
you're seeing, in fact).  The svn docs probably won't help.
Suggestion (which is repetition of what I suggested before this
happened, but we'll gracefully let that pass ;-)):

Check out a fresh, new copy of Zope trunk.

Merge your branch into that.

Thank you!

Eagds. I *thought* I had done just that. I had even printed out your previous handholding email about this before starting. But no. I did not. Instead, to my horror, I realized had *copied* a trunk working copy (of an unknown vintage, although up-to-date according to "svn status" after an svn up) and then I'd merged the branch into that.

So about a minute ago, I followed your instructions literally, figuring that I'd be able to sheepishly move on afterwards, but unfortunately it comes out the same. Literally, here are the commands:

$ svn co svn+ssh://
$ cd trunk
$ svn merge -r 38624:HEAD svn+ssh:// branches/zodb-blobs-branch
$ svn up

... which comes out with ....


Fetching external item into 'lib/python/zope/thread'
External at revision 39684.

Fetching external item into 'doc/ZEO'
A  doc/ZEO/cache.txt
A  doc/ZEO/ZopeREADME.txt
A  doc/ZEO/README.txt
A  doc/ZEO/trace.txt
A  doc/ZEO/howto.txt
Updated external to revision 39684.

Fetching external item into 'lib/python/zope'
svn: Working copy 'lib/python/zope' locked
svn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for details)

I am reasonably confident that drinking just one more Yuengling will solve this problem in one way or another.

svn:externals suck. A lot.  As Tim suggested, you could throw away
this check out and start over.  A simpler thing you could do is to
remove the zope directory and do an svn up.  Since we switched to
using externals, we see lots of things like this. You just learn to delete
the directories in question.


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