Alexander Limi wrote:
I can assure you that I have no good intentions whatsoever, just a desire to see the "I clicked the Clear Catalog button, now what do I do" questions on plone-users decrease.

I thought that was how you got a Plone upgrade to work in less than a
day ;-)
(...and then Find stuff back into the catalog afterwards...)

Pure annoyance-driven development. ;)

Indeed, but my comment wasn't so much about this particular change, it
was about the principle of it. If 2.9 is already feature-frozen, then
we're setting a dangerous precedent for allowing feature changes on it.
"well, if he did it, why can't I? My changes are just as small" etc...

There's also something to be said for keeping the UI as consistent as
possible once a branch is feature frozen, no matter how bad it is.

How do others feel about this?



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