Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
It is a bit like this: the zope2 community wants the zope3 technology and zope3 wants the zope2 community.

I like this analysis. :)

I think the question about the technology should be treated as such on a technical level, by bridging the technical gap (Five, common repositories, writing tutorials for zope2 developers, collaborating on common modules, adapting zope2 concepts like TTW editing to Zope3 but without reproducing the zope2 skin and templates mess, etc).

But the question about the communities involves more complicated aspects, i.e. marketing issues, licenses, competition, strategies, etc. The repository is not the answer. This has to be solved on a higher level, Zope Foundation, updated ZPL license, ... where a social contract is agreed on.

Be careful with what you're implying with words: marketing aspects more complicated than code, "higher level", etc. I don't necessarily agree with the underlying assumptions.

While I fully support efforts surrounding the Zope Foundation, I really think that this is not the right level to solve community issues. A Foundation can make social contracts all they like, for instance, but if people in the community don't follow them, nothing will happen.

Marketing issues and strategies are frequently happening a bit more subtly than you seem to say here. The difference between the "technical" and the "community" level is far less clear than you make it seem.

Five, for instance, is *not* just a technical project. It never has been. Five is a community project at least as much, to change people's *minds*, to merge communities, to change the shape of the Zope business, as much as it's to make technical changes. That's why there's talks given about conferences, for instance. These things go hand in hand.

Merging the repositories is also not just technical. It's clear enough that it's not -- the discussion in this thread is not about technical issues *at all*. They're about impact on the people involved in Zope 2 and Zope 3 development.

So let's not pretend that everything can be solved on a technological level even though lots of it can ..

We're in open source. Our solutions are frequently technological *and* community-based. That's the point of open source. Let's not artificially separate the two issues.


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