Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've recently been seeing weird DateTime test failures on all Zope 2
>> branches since 2.7 (see below). Any idea what I'm doing wrong? My  system
>> is OSX 10.3 with a self-compiled Python 2.4.1 (through  darwinports). My
>> system timezone, as you can see, is GMT+0800 (Beijing time).
> Running the tests under current 2.7/2.8 branches with Python 2.3.5 on 
> OS X 10.4.3 things run fine:
> --------------------------------------------------
> tiny:/usr/local/zope/28Instance jens$ bin/zopectl test --libdir /usr/
> local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8-branch/lib/python DateTime
> Running tests via: /usr/local/bin/python /usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8-
> branch/bin/ -v --config-file /usr/local/zope/28Instance/etc/
> zope.conf --libdir /usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8-branch/lib/python  DateTime
> Running unit tests at level 1
> Running unit tests from /usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.8-branch/lib/python
> Parsing /usr/local/zope/28Instance/etc/zope.conf
> ................................
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ran 32 tests in 23.396s
> OK
> ---------------------------------------------------

Yes, I know that everyone else is not seeing the failures. That's why
I'm wondering why I do...

> However, I am noticing that on the current Zope 2.9 branch, trying to 
> build the software fails completely. The "configure" script works  fine,
> but the "make" step does not seem to do anything at all.

Yes it does. It compiles the C extensions.

> There is no error output, and all that's in the directory set as the
> -- prefix is the makefile:
> ----------------------------------------------------
>  tiny:/usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.9-branch jens$ make
> "/usr/local/bin/python2.4" "/usr/local/zope/src/Zope-2.9-branch/
>" \
>             build_ext -i
> running build_ext
> Zope built. Next, do 'make install' (or 'make instance'
> to run a Zope instance directly from the build directory).
> tiny:/usr/local/zope/opt/Zope-2.9-branch jens$ ls
> makefile
> -----------------------------------------------------
> INSTALL.txt still shows the "configure/make/make install"  instructions
> and I was under the impression this was still supposed  to work. How
> does everyone else build 2.9?

INSTALL.txt needs to be updated. A repository checkout and a tarball of
Zope 2.9 will look not alike a lot. To build a tarball, you go through
the ./configure; make; make install orgy. To build a repository
checkout, you just do ./configure; make. Like said above, that'll build
the C extensions. You can also create an in-place instance with "make

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