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I have a simple question about the design of hierarchical zope product structures in Zope 2. For example, you have categories, within categories you have sub-categories, within sub-categories you have sub-sub categories, within that you have content items, within content items you have....etcetera.

All those products are different 'types', with different functionality and different 'roles' as what they represent, so I write different products for every type. For every object that can contain subobjects you could derive it from 'Folder' (or Object Manager). But when you derive all these product types from 'Folder' you end up with ALOT of objects in your database.

In a lot of real world cases you have categories and items, that makes things easy, but what about the structure explained above?

My question for you guys is : When do you decide to make it a Folderish object which contains sub-objects, or to make it a Simple Item object with, for example, some structured XML content, or dictionary / list properties containing the 'sub-structure'? The last option is more work, because you have to write your add/edit/delete/etc code yourself, writing it with Folders makes it more easily, but then you have an explosion of objects in the ZODB.

I would like to have some fresh thoughts about this, so maybe you can help.

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