Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Andreas Jung wrote:

make sdist:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/sandboxes/Zope-2.9/2.9.0b1: make sdist
zpkg -C /develop/sandboxes/Zope-2.9/2.9.0b1/releases/Zope2.cfg
'version.txt' doesn't match any files in <collection>
(in /develop/sandboxes/Zope-2.9/2.9.0b1/lib/python/zope/app/PACKAGE.cfg)
temporary files are in /tmp/zpkg-50vtPj
make: *** [sdist] Error 1

This is a very recent problem and a result of Jim's inconsistent handling of the
"version.txt" matter yesterday. says 
that should be created on a tag and should 
also be
modified to include version.txt *on the tag*. Jim did the latter on the Zope 
3.2 branch.

Yeah, I was trying to minimize the amount of work done on a tag. It didn't 
occur to
me that this would affect Z2. :(  In the future, we need to come up with a 
better way
to handle this.

The Zope 2.9 externals currently point to the Zope 3.2 branch which references 
in PACKAGE.cfg but doesn't have one. Only the 3.2.0beta1 tag has it. I think 

  a) should not mention version.txt when there isn't one, 
meaning on
the branch

  b) Zope 2.9 externals should now point to the Zope 3.2.0beta1 tag.

I guess this would solve the problem, since the tag does have a version.txt.

By the way, this issue reminds me: We haven't figured out how to handle Zope 2's
version.txt at all! I totally forgot about it. Zope 2 expects a version.txt in
Zope/lib/python, but zpkg has no way to support a data file that isn't in a 

And there's the fact that this is a file that really *should* be generated by
the release process.

> So there would be no way to package it nor to install it (I don't think
distutils knows how to install a non-package-related datafile either).

I propose that the future place for Zope 2's version.txt is the Zope2 package. 
Some code
inside Zope 2 that reads version info from version.txt would have to be changed 
for that,
though.  This should be fixed for the 2.9 beta, meaning today. I'm outside 
svn+ssh access
range right now, so either you do it, Andreas, or you wait until I'm at home in 
about 5

I agree, this should be doen for this release.


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