Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

This is a very recent problem and a result of Jim's inconsistent handling of the "version.txt" matter yesterday. says that should be created on a tag and should also be modified to include version.txt
*on the tag*. Jim did the latter on the Zope 3.2 branch.

Yeah, I was trying to minimize the amount of work done on a tag. It didn't occur to me that this would affect Z2. :( In the future, we
need to come up with a better way to handle this.

I wouldn't dare to mention my suggestions regarding issues like these... ;)

A common tree wouldn't make a difference here.  A common release process
would.  Actually, a suggestion of Stephan's would make a difference. It would
have helped someone if releases were regularly tested.  Stephan has suggested 
he'd like like buildbot to build releases as part of it's tests.  I'd like to
get there too.  Unfortunately, we still need to resolve some technical issues
to make this possible.

The Zope 2.9 externals currently point to the Zope 3.2 branch which
references version.txt
in PACKAGE.cfg but doesn't have one. Only the 3.2.0beta1 tag has it. I
think that

 a) should not mention version.txt when there
isn't one, meaning on
the branch

 b) Zope 2.9 externals should now point to the Zope 3.2.0beta1 tag.

I guess this would solve the problem, since the tag does have a

Yup, it does solve the problem.

By the way, this issue reminds me: We haven't figured out how to handle Zope 2's version.txt at all! I totally forgot about it. Zope
2 expects a version.txt in Zope/lib/python, but zpkg has no way to
support a data file that isn't in a Python package.

And there's the fact that this is a file that really *should* be
generated by the release process.

Yes. It sort of is already now. When you check out a Zope 2 tag and run
"make sdist" to create the tarball, it will first generate the
version.txt and put it in the right place.


So there would be no way to package it nor to install it (I don't think
distutils knows how to install a non-package-related datafile either).

I propose that the future place for Zope 2's version.txt is the
Zope2 package. Some code inside Zope 2 that reads version info from
version.txt would have to be changed for that, though. This should
be fixed for the 2.9 beta, meaning today. I'm outside svn+ssh
access range right now, so either you do it, Andreas, or you wait
until I'm at home in about 5 hours.

I agree, this should be doen for this release.

Done in r40592 on Zope 2.9 branch.



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