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On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Andreas Jung wrote:

> Hi,
> for next release we plan to replace several parts with the corresponding 
> components from Zope 3 (e.g. ZPT´). Philipp is working on a proposal on 
> that issue. In addition I would like to get rid of some old stuff that is 
> no longer maintained and buggy:
>  - ZopeTutorial (could be ripped off without implications and made available
>    for download on zope.org)
>  - HelpSys - from a programmers view pretty much useless and not very
>    helpful. I consider to replace it with something more useful (not sure
>    we can re-use apidoc from Zope 3 in some way, perhaps the inclusion
>    of Dieter's Docfinder might be more useful for programmers)
>  - Gadfly(DA) - do we really need this? We discussed this already. In my
>    opinion the purpose of Gadfly is only educational but nothing that one
>    really needs or uses for production. It could be removed and made
>    available for download on zope.org.
> And my favourite enemy in Zope: ZClasses :-) I would like to mark them 
> _clearly_ as an obsolete feature (DeprecationWarning, Warnings in the ZMI 
> and the Zope Book). I _don't_ propose to remove them at some point but ppl 
> should be aware that they are using one of the most-scary components in 
> Zope (please no further discussion about the pros and cons of 
> ZClasses..this discussion took already place already a bunch of times on 
> the list).
> -aj


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