On Dec 20, 2005, at 10:36 AM, Paul Winkler wrote:

- HelpSys - from a programmers view pretty much useless and not very
helpful. I consider to replace it with something more useful (not sure
  we can re-use apidoc from Zope 3 in some way, perhaps the inclusion
  of Dieter's Docfinder might be more useful for programmers)


Whenever this topic comes up, people speak of HelpSys as if it's all API
documentation for programmers. In fact the lion's share of it is
user-oriented online structured text documentation which is IMNSHO very good to have. And many third-party products provide such documentation
of their own.  Especially when I was new to Zope, I read them

In Zope 2.10 , Products packaged as Python Eggs will need either to drop support for helpsys stuff or the helpsys stuff will need to be revamped support files living in zipfiles. The former sounds saner to me and indeed Basket punts on registering help files for all egg- packaged products right now. I agree it would be helpful to have the info that's currently in the helpsystem for builtin Zope products be available somewhere else, though.

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