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> >just to be clear, the stuff I'm talking about is ZMI user interface
> >docs, not programmer docs.
> I'll raise the question again: what are the benefits of the HelpSys for a 
> Zope user? I just clicked through the HelpSys (I've never used and missed 
> it
> throughout my Zope career) and all the unorganized information in the 
> HelpSys are more or less in the same way available in the Zope Book (ZPT, 
> DTML references etc.).

The big difference is that in many places in the ZMI, clicking "help"
takes you to instructions *for the management page you are actually
looking at*.  Just because you and I have internalized all this
information long ago does not mean it isn't useful to new users.
I haven't looked at any of it recently because I don't need to
anymore.  But I remember when I *did* need to.

The users affected most by this change are not going to be on zope-dev.

Maybe I was a rare case and nobody else ever reads the help pages.
I don't think we will find out by arguing about it here.

Maybe a straw poll on the main zope list would teach us something?
Something like "Did you, at some point while learning Zope,
get anything useful from the help system?".

> - additional information and story telling should be done through doc tests

For general "what is this / what does it do / how does it work"
docs, I like that idea.
But it doesn't help with filling out forms in the ZMI.
Arguably, forms should be self-documenting, but the nice thing
about a "help" link is that it doesn't distract you when
you don't need it any more.


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