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just to be clear, the stuff I'm talking about is ZMI user interface
docs, not programmer docs.

I'll raise the question again: what are the benefits of the HelpSys for a Zope user?

I would say the only benefit was the unification of docs for Zope and installed third party products in one place, and its "context- sensitivity" for documenting screens in the ZMI when you're on them by clicking the link. I've always tried to be good about it, and most of my software has relatively up-to-date HelpSys documentation.

On the other hand I believe most product authors don't use HelpSys documentation, and the Zope-provided pieces are way less current and informative than the Zope book (2.7 version).

IMHO it would be nice if the HelpSys could be changed so that it still provides those Help! links, but the product author can simply assign a URL to them to point to a place where they copied and pasted their docs into a website. That's not too much of an imposition on product authors I think.


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