Jim Fulton wrote:
I'll note that, as a developer, I have never done this and probably
never would want to do this.

How do you test 'mkzopeinstance' then? Build a release first? That's rather cumbersome. Anyway, small point.

The only use case for this is a deployer of Zope that wants to install an
unreleased revision of Zope.  If this use case is driving this, a better
solution might be to build automatic snapshot releases.

I want to be able to work in zope instances, no matter what version of zope, released or unreleased, I'm dealing with. I don't see how I should do this right now.

I think there's a broader use case than this, however:

I think it's important to make the transition between the repository world and the released version world as small as possible. This is an expectation that people have from other projects, and in my opinion Zope should strive to let that expectation work for Zope. Zope may have special distribution requirements indeed, but are they special enough to raise the barrier for people who want to become developers?

I realize that there is more than one distribution from the same repository, but if we just stick to the philosophy that there's one 'default' experience that you get when you use an svn checkout, then it makes sense for that experience to be as similar to a Zope 2 release tarball as possible.


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