Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

I'll note that, as a developer, I have never done this and probably
never would want to do this.

How do you test 'mkzopeinstance' then? Build a release first? That's rather cumbersome. Anyway, small point.

In Zope3, I use bin/mkzopeinstance.

In Zope 2 I have always (since the advent of the configure/make dance)
use make instance to make my checkout into an instance.  I'm told that
in the current world, you can also use utilities/mkzopeinstance.

The only use case for this is a deployer of Zope that wants to install an
unreleased revision of Zope.  If this use case is driving this, a better
solution might be to build automatic snapshot releases.

I want to be able to work in zope instances, no matter what version of zope, released or unreleased, I'm dealing with. I don't see how I should do this right now.

See above.


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