yuppie wrote:
Dieter Maurer wrote:

To support WebDAV as widely as possible, I would prefer to
get rid of all id restrictions. I do not like to see
new restrictions emerging...

You just don't like it or do you know a better alternative?

We need a way to make sure that object IDs can't mask browser views and resources. The current solution in Zope 3 is to reserve names starting with '+' and '@' for resources and views.

Compared to Zope 2.8.1 and earlier this is no new restriction.

But that doesn't mean that the restriction was good in the first place.

Naturally there will be some insane developers out there doing webdav, with @ having a special meaning, that will bite us in the ... future.

Leading '_' gave problems. '@' in ids has caused problems. So there is no reason to expect that a leading '@' won't at some time.

Only trouble is that it will be a problem in Zope 3 too.

Now that Twisted is put in front of Plone, we can also expect it to be a problem when Zope is used as a server for other services.

Eg. mirroring an imap folder structure from exchange. Which I am allready having some fun with in mxmImapClient. :-s


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