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I doubt this will break a significant amount of code. The restriction was removed 5 months ago and AFAICS it was removed to allow email addresses as IDs. That use case will not be broken if we disallow again IDs starting with '@'.

It seems that you can reasonably easily apply the "@" restriction in your own app code under 2.8 and 2.9 until we get around to doing the "right" thing by making this pluggable via the namechooser thingy, no? I dunno.

The current set of restrictions is too restrictive for "real world" use when you use Zope heavily as a "fileserver", say via DAV. I wouldn't treat the existing or older restrictions as "gospel" as a result. I had actually been meaning to get around to unrestricting the set of identifiers in the trunk.

I'd like to see this improved. But I think we need a solution that works by default with Zope 3 style views.

Here's my current monkeypatch to Zope to unrestrict a good number of characters:


The projects that use this patch have been in use for several years; they predate Five. I of course don't mind continuing to do this, but I'd hate to have to change it temporarily (to fix this bug which actually isn't a bug for me because I don't use Five for these projects) and then change it again when we do the pluggable thing.

I suppose I wouldn't care if the change was isolated to the "bad_id" regex, given that I replace it anyway.

I'm not concerned about my own app code. I know the problem and how to fix it.

And I'm not concerned about people like you who monkeypatch that code. You know that monkeypatching is always on your own risk and you know how to modify your monkey patch even if more code is changed than 'bad_id'.

I'm concerned about the people we encourage to use Five technology. Views are a major feature of Five. Should we warn people not to use views? Or instruct them how to patch Zope 2 to protect views against being masked by content IDs?



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