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What are the possible risks of those changes? What is the goal of this
branch? Integration as an optional feature or replacement of

The direct goal of this is to make it more pluggable, so that we can
introduce twisted or zope.publisher as alternatives. Twisted, so that
we can write new servers for Zope2, and zope.publisher, so that we can
closer to the goal of being able to run both Zope3 and Zope2 software
under the same server.

That's fine

The long term goal is to replace ZServer/ZPublisher with whatever
Zope3 uses, which at that point in time most likely will be
twisted/zope.publisher, to tighten the Z2/Z3 integration, and reduce
the amount of code we need to maintain.

Getting rid of ZServer is a fine goal but as long as Twisted is much slower
(from what I've heard) ZServer has to stay (ZServer is not subject to be
deprecated at this time).

The risks is that somehow we introduce some subtle behavioural change
that isn't tested for.

I would love to see the stuff tested with the major frameworks (CMF 2, Plone + CPS) before it will be merged into the trunk.

The traversal refactoring means that the role checking is now done
after each traversal step, instead of intermingled with it. The
functionality should be the same, but perhaps there is some untested
special case when it changes. We have had much larger incompatibility
changes in earlier major releases though.

The WSGI refactoring may mean that somebody using internal features of
ZServer might need to change something. Also it means that what the
publish_module() method expect as parameters will change.

I have no problems with the traversal refactoring..that sound sane.


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