Tres Seaver wrote:
> That will be good.  Even after eliminating the list you provided (see
> below), there is still a lot of stuff in which is irrelevant to
> Zope2 (I think).

Agreed. By the way, I just compated a Zope 2.9.3 install with your
tarball. The same comparison should be done again with the Zope 2.10b1
tarball as other packages might've made it into the Zope 2.10
release line. At least with explicit externals in we can avoid
more junk sneaking into Zope 2 much better.

> I've created a new branch from the 3.2 branch which makes the changes I
> proposed: i.e. 'datetimeutils', 'timezones', and 'decorators' become
> packages, and their tests move from 'zope/app/tests/' to their own
> 'tests' subdirectory (none of those tests exported facilities used by
> any other tests.


> I have also morphed the '' package in my 'tseaver-retire_zpkg'
> branch to point into this new branch, eliminating the "dead" packages
> you described.  The only "forked" code is the empty, which
> seems an acceptable tradeoff.  I added an EXTERNALS.txt file which
> documents the intended links.
> BTW, a small nit of mine with subversion:  can anybody tell me how to
> find the revision in which a directory was moved / removed, preferably
> via the web interface?  Subversion doesn't seem to expose a way to ask
> about a name which, like the "man upon the stair" isn't there any more.

I usually google to find the checkin email :).

> Hmm, I tried './configure --with-python" but there wasn't one

Right, it's a checkout. What's there to configure? (Besides the Python

> so I didn't even look for the Makefile.  How do Zope3 developers cope with
> the possibility that the user may need / want to use a different Python?
> Running 'make PYTHON=/path/to/my/python' works, but seems a little
> hard-core for the make-averse crowd that hands out on #zope3-dev. ;)

Heh, but that's how we do it :)


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