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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> I've now done the same work on a branch for that tree:
>>  [/home/tseaver/projects/Zope-CVS/tseaver-retire_zpkg-2.10]
>>  $ head .svn/entries
>>  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
>>  <wc-entries
>>    xmlns="svn:">
>>  <entry
>>     committed-rev="68857"
>>     name=""
>>     committed-date="2006-06-26T21:16:14.182239Z"
>> url="svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/repos/main/Zope/branches/tseaver-retire_zpkg-2.10"
>>     last-author="tseaver"
>>     kind="dir"
> Btw, I found 'svn info' the other day. Before that I was looking at
> .svn/entries, too.
>> Note that here I used the contents of 'zope.app' as installed by the
>> 2.10b1 tarball, which has at least one of the packages in it ('wfmc')
>> which Philipp said should be excluded for 2.9.
>> AFAIK, both of these branches are ready for merging to their respective
>> branches (and to the trunk, for the 2.10 version).
>> Comments?
> Looks good. Let's merge :)

I'm working on the merge right now, and having some problems:

 $ export ZSVN=svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/repos/main
 $ svn co $ZSVN/Zope/branches/2.9 Zope-2_9-branch
 $ cd Zope-2_9-branch
 $ svn merge -r 68803:HEAD $ZSVN/Zope/branches/tseaver-retire_zpkg .
 D    releases/Zope2/DEPENDENCIES.cfg
 D    releases/Zope2/test.py
 D    releases/Zope2/PUBLICATION.cfg
 D    releases/Zope2/PACKAGE.cfg
 D    releases/Zope2/zopetest
 D    releases/Zope2/SETUP.cfg
 D    releases/Zope2
 D    releases/Zope2.map
 D    releases/Zope2.cfg
 D    releases

 Performing status on external item at 'buildsupport/zpkgsetup'
 Skipped 'buildsupport'
 U    configure
 U    doc/CHANGES.txt
  U   lib/python/Zope2
 U    lib/python/Products/Transience/Transience.py
 U    lib/python/Products/ZCatalog/ProgressHandler.py
 U    lib/python/Products/ZCatalog/ZCatalog.py
 U    lib/python/Products/PluginIndexes/DateIndex/DateIndex.py
 U    lib/python/Products/PluginIndexes/TextIndex/TextIndex.py
 U    lib/python/App/RefreshFuncs.py
 U    lib/python/App/ProductContext.py
 U    lib/python/OFS/Cache.py
 U    lib/python/OFS/ObjectManager.py
 U    lib/python/tempstorage/TemporaryStorage.py
 U    lib/python/Shared/DC/ZRDB/Connection.py
 svn: URL
doesn't match existing URL
'svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/Zope3/tags/Zope-3.2.1/src/zope/app' in

I may have to munge 'zope/app' manually and check it in to get the merge
done.  Anybody have another suggestion?

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