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I think we should do a 2.9.4 release to incorporate the recent hot fix.
This is easy for me to say, since I won't be doing it. :)

Because this recent fix actually fixed the same problem that the
previous hot fix was supposed to fix, I think someone needs to work up some decent tests. This is not a trivial task, bit it is necessary. If
no one is willing to do this, I think we need to drop the TTW
reStructuredText support from Zope 2, as it is too great a risk.

Dropping TTW reST is absolutely not an option. I breaks backward compatibility.

Sorry, security trumps backward compatibility.

BTW, I suspect that a less violent patch could be created, if
anyone wants to champion TTW reStructuedText support in
Zope 2.  Personally, I'm for dropping it.

Tres' patch is looking in fine to me. I don't see a need right now for dropping reST with having file inclusing *removed*.

Has anyone written tests for Tres' patch? Apparently no one wrote adequate tests for the last hot fix, which helped put us in this situation.

I'm not opposed to keeping TTW reST if *someone takes responsibility*
for it. I don't see this happening. If someone cares enough about TTW reST to stand behind it and properly address the security risks by writing tests,
then great.  Otherwise it has to go.

I also think Tres' patch was the right emergency measure, but I'm not
so sure it is the right long-term fix. It reflects a sorry, but perhaps sadly
accurate,  view of the community's commitment to quality. :(


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