On 10/2/06, Christopher Lozinski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I do like the idea of ZClasses as a separate product.

Actually I think all of Zope should be an assembly of separate products.

I would love to see multiple flavors of Zope each as an assembly of
separate products.

If we make ZClasses a separate product,  does that mean we can get our
own mailing list for ZClasses.  Maybe a separate web site,  wiki, etc?

Of course. Whoever takes over the project is of course free to make
whatever websites they want.

Maybe the 4 or 5 companies who care about ZClasses can get together and
fund the upgrade.

I am still not sure if the next version of my application will be in
Zope 3 or not, but if it is,
I see it as a completely separate code base.

At the moment it still is.

Accordingly, this rapid evolution of Zope, to make it compatible with
Zope 3 drives a lot of us nuts.  We would prefer to just see a stable
Zope 2, and an incompatible Zope 3.

Zope2 does not change rapidly in an incompatible way. The rapid
changes and all the depracation warnings are if you are using Zope3 or
Five. Something that is completely unrelated to the ZCLass issue. Many
of us have wnated to depracate or separate ZClasses for a long time,
because nobody has time to work on it. That has nothing to do with

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